Human Potential through Structure and Function

Vitruvian Man

I believe we all have a purpose.
I believe that some of us reach or at least work towards that purpose and some of us never realise that purpose.
I believe that people like Einstein and Da Vinci were able to harness that key ingredient to become that which they did and that which they were capable of becoming.
I believe it is my life work to help others to discover their own journey towards that purpose.

Today during a seminar we discussed how Structure and Function are so important to the form. If something is to function in a certain way then the structure needs to be such that the function is possible. Take for example a bridge. To enable the bridge to carry the required load the structure needs to be congruent with certain properties to enable this to happen. The function dictates the creation of the structure. The structure determines the capacity for function.
This is true of everything we see around us whether you believe in evolution or creation. It is logical then that the human body, mind and spirit follow this. The structure of the human body is such that it is capable of certain functions. Changes to the structure, however subtle, change the functional capabilities. Sometimes these changes are obvious such as challenges to our health and other times these changes are not so obvious such as subtle responses to changes in stressors around us.
It then goes to reason that in order to achieve certain results or outcomes we require certain structures which mirror the function we wish to achieve. An elite sports person changes their body to achieve their goals by intense physical training. When we think about physical changes this is easy to comprehend. A student changes their knowledge through study to become a professional within their chosen field. This is also a reasonable concept to take on board, the changing of the structure of ones mind through education.
Could it be that these two forms of structural change, body and mind, are interchangeable?
Can we facilitate change in our minds through changes in our bodies? Can we facilitate change in our bodies through changes in our minds?
By structurally changing our physical form can it have an impact on our mental potential?
Think of the last time you were scared or felt threatened. What posture did you assume at the time? Was it a flexed position of defence? What about when you last had a major win. Did you assume a posture which reflected that victory?
What about right now? Just notice the posture that you have assumed as you read this. Is it a posture that reinforces the possibilities of all that you are capable of or all that you dream of?
If not, how could you change that? You could sit up a little straighter, push your shoulders back – you’re feeling more powerful already aren’t you? But is this lasting change? What if there was some way that you could support your body to assume this new posture without you having to think about it? Imagine what it would feel like to connect with that feeling of power, of inspiration on a continual basis, to constantly have that positive feedback loop from your body to your mind and back from your mind to your body. You could conquer the world, or at least conquer your fears and surmount the obstacles which are stopping you from becoming that which you are truly meant to become, Couldn’t YOU?

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