Christchurch City of Hope

Shipping Container Shopping Centre

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Many people will have heard about the earthquake that happened in Christchurch three years ago in February 2011.  A good friend of mine lived through the quakes and although she has told me much about it, it is so hard to imagine just how horrifying and terrifying something like that must be.  Christchurch is a beautiful city and I have some lovely memories of it prior to the earthquake and like many have had trouble coming to grips with the destruction that occurred.  Recently we had the opportunity to visit while passing through the area and while it seemed wrong to gape at the tragedy, I think the need to see it for oneself in some way helps comprehend what happened.

What was a lovely surprise for me though was talking to some of the locals and seeing the art throughout the city and the way each spoke in it’s own way of hope for a bright future.  Even the tourism campaigns speak of Christchurch as being the newest city in the world due to it’s status as a city that is, in many ways, yet to be built.  Some of the buildings are still being taken down and the rebuilding process is yet to begin as the whole project is such a gigantic one.  But it lead me to thinking, how many chances do we get to see a city which is planned in modern times and yet still has some architectural links to the past?  How many times do we ourselves get to start from scratch and rebuild our lives stronger and better than before?

I admire the people of Christchurch after what they have been through and how so many have lived life in limbo and yet still stayed with the hope of tomorrow.  I know the city will be amazing when the rebuilding does happen and it will be somewhere that I would love to visit once again.

Wire fence mosaic

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In front of the Cathedral

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