Philosophical Principal #17


Cause and effect

Every effect has a cause and every cause has effects

There can be no effect unless there is first a cause, with every action there is a reaction.  There can’t be one and not the other.  This is seen daily by Chiropractors who study the cause and effect of different stressors on the body.  These stressors are commonly known as the ‘Three T’s’; Trauma, Toxins and Thoughts”.  Each of these is a cause in it’s own way.

Trauma – a physical impact to the body resulting in tissue damage such as a car accident

Toxins – chemical impact such as alcohol, drugs, environmental pollution etc

Thoughts – in particular negative thoughts which can have a negative impact on your health and wellbeing.

Chiropractic examines the effect these three stressors have upon the body and how the body’s coping mechanism and ability to self heal are effected.  The body has an amazing ability to self heal but if it is overstressed this ability diminishes and the body is unable to cope.  This is where illness and disease are created.

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