The Mind Body connection and pain

We saw this really interesting video at school the other day that I thought I would share with you. It is a TED talk about just how conditioned the body is to respond in a certain way to certain stimulus. It seems that if we expect something will hurt – it does, much more than if we don’t expect it! While that is a gross simplification of the mechanisms of the neuroscience behind how the pain response occurs, it really makes you wonder how much of our experience of pain actually is in relation to the event which caused it and how much is a learned response.

Lorimer Mosely is a really interesting and funny guy, so I am sure that you will enjoy his talk and while it might not be much consolation to those people who have chronic pain it certainly is a really interesting look at the way the mind and body communicate.

Love to hear your thoughts and ideas so please feel free to leave your comments below.

I am also going to give him extra points for dressing to match my colour theme.


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