Women’s Health


So here we are.  The beginning of Week 6 Semester 2!

The mid year break seems a very distant memory.  Semester 1 was really full on and it looks like we are in for more of the same for Semester 2, only the ‘crazy’ seems to have started earlier than last semester!

One of my resolutions for throughout the semester is to make time to read books other than those for school, as I really love reading.  It always surprises me how I forget how much I enjoy a good book.  Luckily I made time to read some really great books over the holidays, one of which is Dr Christiane Northrups book Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom which I haven’t finished but am finding it really interesting.

I have also heard her speak with Dr Wayne Dyer on Inside Out Wellness which gives a good overview of her work.  I think the thing that I like about her is that she is a qualified Ob Gyn but has a holistic way of looking at health and the invaluable viewpoint of a female and someone who has had years of experience within the existing medical model.  She is a really great speaker and interesting to listen to with a wicked sense of humour!  She has inspired me to consider Chiropractically specialising in women’s health when I graduate.  I particularly like the way she says that contrary to western cultures beliefs that women keep getting better with age and don’t really hit their stride until somewhere in their 60’s.  Now there’s something to live up to.

I think a bit part of women’s health is how women actually feel about themselves which is something another book I have been reading is addressing.  This book is about feeling great at any age through connecting with beauty both inner beauty and outer beauty – basically through things which make you feel beautiful.  What a beautiful concept!  It’s called Ooh La La – French Women’s Secret to Feeling Beautiful Every Day by Jamie Cat Callan, an American author.  It talks about accepting yourself for who you are and appreciating your assets and really looking after yourself.  It is really interesting to see the way that French culture perceives women compared to our culture, makes a lot more sense to me.

Part of me thinks that France is really speaking to me at the moment.  Everywhere I look I see something to do with France or French culture, so I think I might just have to look into going back there once I graduate (which I would absolutely love).  So if anyone knows about practicing Chiropractic in France I would love to hear from you.

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