Philosophical Principal #15

There can be no motion in matter without the effort of force

Matter can have no motion without the application of force by Intelligence

Even if we stop looking at the motion created by force in matter on a subatomic level which keeps the parts of ‘stuff’ which makes up ‘stuff’ together we can still see that matter is unable to be moved without some application of force.  It could be a boulder at the top of a hill which, through the application of a force to create an initial motion, rolls to the bottom of the hill.  Without the initial input of force the matter is unable to be moved.  This is also correct within our bodies.  If there is something which is misaligned or subluxated it is unable to be corrected without the input of some form of energy or force. As we know that force is governed by Intelligence then we can surmise that by an input of force by Intelligence we have created the only means of motion in matter.

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