How much do you value your health?


If you were to draw up a weekly budget how much money would you spend on health?

Like most people your priorities are probably pay the mortgage/rent, food, water, gas electricity and enjoy the left overs.  Maybe you go to the gym or have some excise routine.  Maybe you spend some money on healthy food.  You may get the odd massage here and there but if you add up how much you spend on a regular basis on your health and well being it is probably a small part of the budget pie.  It’s interning isn’t it?  What is it that makes us put ourselves last?  Is it the tall poppy syndrome that tells us not to think too much of ourselves?  Are we just like the proverbial fish unable to comprehend water by not realising what health we have until it is gone?  Other than a major health scare, what would it take to make our health a priority?  Why would we make health a priority?

Think about your home, your car, your clothes, your toys, electronic gadgets, what about the holidays you take, the restaurants and cafes you eat at? Somewhere in your life you most probably have an area that you are not willing to compromise on.  Something that you tend to over spend on.  What is it that encourages you to do that?  What is it you get out of it?  How does it enhance your life? Is it a healthy choice or does it not contribute to your overall health at all?  Maybe it has the opposite effect and is an unhealthy choice?

If your area of speciality is a material item think about what happens to that item over its lifetime.  Think about wear and tear and damage along with ageing.  What will eventually happen when that item is too old to use or doesn’t function or is of no further use to you.  What will you do?  You will replace it with something else, something better and carry on as before not worrying too much about the loss of the old item.

Now think about this in terms of everything in your life.  Most things are replaceable right?  We have this idea that if something no longer fills its function we can replace it with something better.  We see everything as expendable and replaceable and most of the time it is.  This is an idea that sometimes is even applied to some relationships.  There are of course a few things that are not such as the special relationships we have with the most precious people in our lives, family and friends.  There is one other thing that is irreplaceable and that is ourselves.  I have heard the saying “look after your body, it’s the only place you have to live” which is so true.  Our body and our health is the one thing that we can’t buy replacement parts for.  When something stops working we are in trouble.  We can’t just chop off an arm or leg and go get another one.  We really need to look after ourselves so we last the distance.  So my question is what is it you do to look aft yourself?  We’re do your health priorities lie?

I often find myself thinking about the amount of money we spend every week on groceries and how it is quite a lot of money.  I look at this money spent on food as an investment.  It’s the same with wellness care.  This is an investment in my families and my own optimal functioning for today and into the future.  Like studying, looking after yourself is best done consistently over time, it’s not something you can suddenly achieve all at once. And yet we kind of expect that when things go “wrong” –  we get a back ache, catch a cold, we want to take a pill and fix it.  We forget that we are organic beings who are continually growing and evolving and that our current state of health is a summary of all that we have done in the past.  For our bodies to heal it takes time, just as it takes time for our bodies to get unwell.  By looking after ourselves in the first place we can ensure that our down time is limited and we are back feeling our best selves sooner.

How do you think about your health?

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