Because it makes Sense


Our whole life – our experience of life is lived through our senses.

Just think about that for a minute.  Is there a single memory you have of anything in your life which is not connected to what you;




Tasted or


Our senses are really important to our experience of life, without them it would be hard to imagine what kind of life it would be possible to have.  But here’s an interesting question for you.  How is it that we see, hear, smell, taste and touch?  Do these experiences happen solely in the organs which receive this information?  Do we only experience sight in our eyes, sound in our ears, smell in our nose etc?  And if this were the case, how would we know we have seen, heard or tasted anything at all?  Surely there is something which connects all of these experiences together so that we can process them right?  Otherwise how would we have any memory of these experiences having ever happened?

All of these sensations are communicated to our brain which co ordinates them and makes sense of them.  The brain then releases this information back to our muscles and organs so that we can respond to what it is we saw, heard, smelt etc.  This is us adapting to our ever changing environment which is pretty important.  To thrive in an ever changing environment we need to be adaptable to that environment.  So the better our senses are communicated to our brain and the better our brain responds and acts appropriately to that information, the more adaptable we are.  We are better able to respond to stressors such as the infamous sabre tooth tiger, or something a little more relevant to todays world such as an erratic driver jumping lanes on the freeway causing potential danger to us.

In this particular incident we can see how having our senses dulled could be dangerous for us.  If we had something which inhibited our processing it could be detrimental to our ability to adapt to the new stressor.  This is why drink driving causes accidents – it reduces our processing capacity.

So to me it makes sense that to excel in a world where the goal posts are ever changing, and seem to do so at an accelerating rate that ensuring the communication between our senses and our brain is operating at it’s absolute best.  But how can we do this and what is this communication system that is responsible for this important role?

Our Central Nervous System is what carries this sensory information from our external environment to our brains and from our brains to our muscles and organs.  Not only does it co ordinate our movement and actions but it also co ordinates all our bodies functions such as heart rate, breathing, digestion and our bodies ability to heal itself.

The best way we can ensure that our Central Nervous System is operating at it’s best is to make sure that it doesn’t have any form of interference or what is known as a subluxation.  These subluxations can interrupt and slow down the vital information which travels along the Central Nervous System.

The best and only way to remove subluxations and to restore optimum communication and function to the Central Nervous System is to get adjusted by a Chiropractor.  So to be the best that you can be and to ensure that you are best able to adapt to your ever changing environment it makes sense to ensure you are well adjusted.

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