Philosophical Principal #14


Universal Life in all matter

Force is manifested by motion in matter: all matter has motion, therefore there is Universal Life in all matter.

Looking at everything which is around us all material items that we can see are composed of matter.  Everything breaks down into particles which break down further into atoms and then protons, neutrons and electrons which are part physical substance and part energy wave.  Energy is what keeps all these subatomic particles together and in turn creating substance or matter such as a table or chair or even the screen you are reading this on.  This also occurs in what we describe as ‘living things’ but the point that I believe is being made here is that everything which is composed of matter has force keeping it together and therefore an element of motion and whether we perceive something as alive or not it still has Universal life due to the fact that it is in constant motion.  I think Stephenson himself says it perfectly when he says;

The vibrations of molecules and atoms are manifestations of universal life. Our ability to perceive life is exactly proportional to our ability to recognize Universal Intelligence all about us. Every structure of matter from a lump of clay to the tiger has intelligence in it, exactly proportional to its state of organization. The higher the grade of structure, the higher the grade of intelligence present, to make it and keep it that way.

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