Out With the Old…

I am a great one for having massive clean outs and de-cluttering my life.  I find it very therapeutic to get rid of that which no longer serves it’s purpose and can be passed on to someone else who has more use for it than I do.  So it was with much enthusiasm that I began to get rid of so much of our ‘stuff’ before we made the big move to NZ.  I figured that we would just get new stuff when we got here – which we have.

The thing that I didn’t factor was the continual identity challenges that have come along with letting go of so much of who I was and how much of my identity was wrapped up in the material.  For one it has been quite a challenge to go from living a ‘grown up’ life of having two incomes and our own house to having to go back to one income and renting.  To go from having holidays in interesting places to having had only 2 nights away in the past 1 1/2 years.  From having our own furniture and decor which matched and reflected our tastes to having odd bits and pieces on loan from family and friends.  And from going from aways having my sporty little four wheel drive to having a non-descript (albeit reliable and comfortable) station-wagony car that I keep losing in car parks as it kind of blends in with all the others.  I continue to purposefully express gratitude for the generosity of others and the support that they have given us since our arrival and for the syncronicities that have occurred to give us all that we need and yet sometimes I crave the luxury of my garage door opener (especially when it is raining).

It has been a really interesting process and continues to be so.  To me it seems that this evolution in my life is such a change of pace for me and what I think that I am able to achieve that it is necessary for me to let go of so much of who I have been in the past.  To gain so much we have to release so much as it is hard to hold onto something new when you still have your fist closed over something else.

What have you let go of in the past to embrace something bigger and better?

What have you had trouble letting go of?

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One Response to Out With the Old…

  1. Lyn Simpson says:

    Meaghan, I really enjoyed reading your post re “letting go”.
    What can I let go of ? Any suggestions? I, too, got rid of a lot of things when we move interstate but sometimes I think life in a caravan, good size & comfy, would be the way to go.
    BUT, oh my craft supplies :-(((

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