Philosophical Principal #12


Interference with transmission of Universal Force

There can be interference with the transmission of Universal Forces

While Universal Intelligence is always 100% in it’s presence it can experience interference with it’s transmission much like the way a dam holds back the energy and potential of all the water behind it.  Just because it is blocked it doesn’t lessen the energy or the potential of the water (Universal Intelligence) which is still present and waiting the opportunity for expression (release from the dams constraints).  The dam holds back the energy of the water but still allows some to flow through.  So even though further down stream the river appears to be flowing to some extent, there is little evidence of the full potential of the river and what is upstream if the dam itself cannot be seen.  To me this is exactly the way the central nervous system works.  It can experience interference but because we still see a trickle further downstream we figure that it is working, never fully aware of the potential that is being held back further up stream.

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