Philosophical Principal #11


The character of Universal Forces

The forces of Universal Intelligence are manifested as physical laws; are unswerving and unadapted and have no solicitude for structures of matter.

This talks about forces such as those of creation and destruction.  Both of these forces are governed by Universal Intelligence and are not able to be changed or adapted by matter.  Everything is in a state of creation or destruction.  Take for example a walk in the forest which will display this concept well.  Around you there will be evidence of growth; from a barely germinated seed, all the way through to a fully grown tree which may be several hundreds of years old.  Both are subject primarily to the forces of growth and while there may be ways that this force can be hampered, it is still very much in existence.  Around you there will also be layers of leaf litter and branches all in various forms of decay.  They are subject to destructive forces which convert their very substances into forces which will again sustain life.

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