Another Quarter Completed


Wow! I have made it through the first quarter of the year. It has gone so quickly I think because we have had so many assessments that you don’t really get time to stop and think about what else is going on. This year college has definitely upped the anti as even though last year was really challenging at the time, this year seems even more so. The subjects we are doing this year are;
Philosophy – Chiropractic philosophy and history
Anatomy – extremities (arms and legs)
Extremity adjusting
Gonstead technique
Preclinical practice – to get ready for clinic next year (I can’t quite believe its only 12 months off)
Evidence Based Chiropractic – which looks at assessing current Chiropractic research and how to utilise it in practice
And when I go back after Easter we are picking up another subject to complete our Upper Cervical technique skills that we started last year. I am not quite sure how we will find the time for a ninth subject but I have kept up so far with this years increased demands so we will just have to keep tackling it all one day at a time which is kinda hard for me as I am sort of a go all out and get it done sort of person.
This year has been really good in the sense that it is bringing some of the concepts of last year together in a practical way. I am really enjoying Neuroscience as we have been learning the connection between the sensory perception of the skin, the nerve input to the muscles, some reflex points and the location where they are all connected to the nerves in the spine. With this information it helps you work out where any nerve interruption is likely to be depending on the results from the tests you do. It’s kind of like detective work! Our lecturers are amazing at this and it is so interesting to hear the cases they deal with out in practice and really inspiring too to hear of the awesome healing power the body has to heal itself given the right and optimal conditions. It really does leave you wondering why so many people still choose to go under the knife instead of take a more conservative approach first.
We have quite a bit of work to do over the holidays which is more of a break from going to classes than a holiday but it is great to be on my own time table for the next week. Having said that, I’m off to take my dogs to get adjusted, but that’s a whole different blog post.

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