Philosophical Principal #7

The amount of Intelligence in matter

The amount of intelligence for any given unit of matter is always one hundred per cent, and is always proportional to it’s requirements

Intelligence is always at 100%.  There is no way to reduce this.  I suppose it is a bit like saying that you are either a person or you are something else.  Using the acorn and oak tree example that we visited earlier, the acorn always becomes an oak, it never becomes something it is not.  In this way intelligence always creates what it set out to.  It might not be what we see as being a perfect example of an oak tree but it never becomes a tomato plant.  The intention is always present and there can never be any less than 100% intelligence.  There may be more or less expression of intelligence in one plant or animal than another, for example an elephant has a different amount of intelligence to an ant, but that amount of intelligence which is expressed within that animal or plant is exactly the right amount and is always 100%.

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4 Responses to Philosophical Principal #7

  1. A very cerebral post indeed! (Sorry, had to go for the pun!) That image is sooo psychedelic! Reminds me of college.

  2. Here’s a Valentine for you! The Liebster award. Hope you accept!

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