Lately I have found the issue of generosity is something which is coming up in my life a lot.  I am focusing on being a more generous person with myself and those around me.

I guess my biggest challenge in all this is that sometimes I want to be generous – I see a situation in which I can help or see a solution and think that because it is possible it should come to pass.  Take for instance my recent attempt to house 5 people and two dogs in a 1 1/2 bedroom house – I probably should have said no to someone but I reasoned that it was possible to have a double bed in the 1/2 bedroom (just) and have one person sleep on the couch!  I suppose the real issue is that just because it is possible it doesn’t mean to say it’s a good idea.

I think also in other instances that when I think that something is possible then I should do it and when I say ‘yes’ I am saying yes to the possibility and not to the question ‘is this something I am willing to give?’  It seems maybe I forget to put myself in the picture – something a lot of people have trouble with.

So my question is – where is the boundary?  When do you do things because it seems the right thing to do and because you can do it?  When do you say yes when you don’t really want to?  Is the first sign of the word ‘should’ a sign that maybe you ‘should not’?

Is generosity more a case of being generous to yourself makes you more able to be generous to others?

I am very interested to hear your feedback on this one so knock yourself out peeps!  How do you approach generosity?

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2 Responses to Generosity

  1. Linda says:

    I have come to the conclusion for myself that “should’s” are a slippery slope and I try to avoid them. When I start to worry about what I “should” do, my thinking gets clouded by ideas about the kind of person I want to be, rather than the specific requirements of the situation. These days I try to think about two factors – whats necessary, and what I want to do. If in my heart I really don’t want to do something, I take that as a sign that it might not be a good decision, and look into it more deeply. However if something really is essential, and there isn’t a good alternative, then thats a different matter. I find this approach works well for me, and opens me up to other ideas that I would not have considered if had been too caught up in the “shoulds” of the situation.

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