Philosophical Principal #2

The Chiropractic Meaning of Life

The expression of Intelligence through matter is the Chiropractic meaning of life.

To have life we must have Universal Intelligence – divine order and organisation.  This Universal Intelligence expresses itself through matter.  It is the expression of Universal Intelligence through matter which creates life.

Chiropractic is focused on the expression of this Universal Intelligence through humans and animals (yes there are chiropractic vets) and ensuring that it is always expressed at its optimum.

So why would you be worried about Universal Intelligence expressing itself at it’s best? Well if we look back at our Major Premise – Principle #1 “There is a Universal Intelligence in all matter giving to it it’s properties thus maintaining it in existence” then we start to see that where Chiropractic is concerned there is a link between the expression of Universal Intelligence and the creation of form.  So if Universal Intelligence is not being fully expressed then it probably won’t do a good job of giving matter it’s properties and thus maintaining it in existence.

So the long and the short of it is, if Universal Intelligence is unable to be fully expressed through us as living beings then we are not able to fully be our best.  I think this alone is why so many elite athletes are under Chiropractic care.  They realise that to perform at such a high level they need to function as close to 100% as possible, otherwise they risk losing to their opponent who may be operating closer to their 100%.

But this is not just about physical capabilities.  We are talking about total function of the body including the brain.  These days most people are probably more concerned with mental processing over physical function as a lot of jobs are of a more sedentary nature.  Imagine what you could do if your brain was functioning as close as possible to 100%.  Do you think you may be able to work more efficiently, create greater profits, come up with more creative solutions and ideas, focus more, be better placed to get promotions?  It really makes you wonder what you could achieve doesn’t it?

So todays discussion topic – What do you think you could do if you were functioning at your best?

I am really looking forward to hearing your response to this as potential is my passion!

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