Mind Map 2013

Traditionally the time just after New Year is one in which we find ourselves making all sorts of plans to change the way we live our lives.  Some of these resolutions may be quite simple such as get a new job while others may be less well defined and require ongoing input such as resolving to ‘get fit’.

One technique I have for focusing on goals and making them a little more defined is making a mind map.  For anyone who hasn’t come across these they are useful in many areas of life especially for remembering information if you are a student who is more of a visual learner.  However in this context we are looking at a way of getting all of our goals down on paper so that we can see them all at once and they don’t seem so overwhelming or impossible.  I have created a template which you can access here Mind Map.

In the centre we have a representation of ourselves.  This is surrounded by eight bubbles depicting the different areas of your life under.

From these bubbles you can create your own new bubbles with areas that are specific to you.  You can continue to create chains of bubbles until you come to an action step which means there is only one thing left to do – take action.  Here is an example;

The sky is the limit with these mind maps.  I have put in categories which work for me so if you think these categories will work for you print off the Mind Map on as big a piece of paper your printer will handle (A2 is awesome but A4 will be fine) and go nuts.  If you can’t print that large print an A4 and then glue it to a sheet of poster cardboard from your local stationers.  If there are other areas you would like to work on that I haven’t listed you can create from scratch.

Some ideas to work with the existing areas are;

Wealth  How do you want your finances to pan out over 2013?  Are there any particular goals you have such as save up for a new car or that overseas trip?  Do you want a pay rise or learn how to invest?  Maybe you would like to learn to budget.

Personal Growth  Do you have a list of books that you want to read or seminars to go to?  Is there an old habit that you would like to banish from your life or a powerful new habit that you would like to develop?

Creativity  This area is for any creative work you would like to do such as take a Salsa dancing class or learn to paint.  Maybe you would like to write a book or create more colour in your life by painting your house.

Relationships  Here you can enter any relationship goals such as finding your soul mate, enhancing your romantic relationships, establishing new friendships and connecting with your community to name a few.

Relaxation and Hobbies  My Relaxation and Hobbies bubble is usually surrounded by travel goals being a bit of a global gypsy!  But there are so many other things that come under this bubble also such as get a monthly massage, join a special interest club or learn new skills.

Career  Here is where all your career goals go.  Maybe you want to start your own business or get a promotion.  Maybe there is a different division within your company that you would like to be part of.

Spirituality  This is a huge area as it means so much to so many different people.  It might mean studying a different religion to get a better understanding of other cultures or making a deeper commitment to the one you are already part of.  Maybe you would like to learn to meditate or use prayer on a daily basis.  Get really specific on what spirituality means to you.

Health and Wellbeing  What healthful practices would you like to instigate in 2013?  Healthy eating, more exercise?  Maybe you would like to discover the health benefits of regular Chiropractic care?

These are just a few of the directions you can take your life in 2013.

Have you used mind maps before?

What are your goals for 2013?

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