Philosophical Principal #1

Welcome to Philosophical Friday!

Even if you have been receiving Chiropractic care for some time, you may not realise that there is quite a strong Philosophy upon which Chiropractic is based.  Over the coming Fridays we are going to take a look at the 33 Principals of Chiropractic Philosophy which really gets to the heart of what Chiropractic is all about – the bodies ability to heal itself.

Lets get into it shall we?

Principal #1

There is a Universal Intelligence in all things giving to it it’s properties thus maintaining it in existence.

Huge huh?  This one is called the Major Premise and it forms the base of all of the other principals.

So basically to me the Major Premise is stating that whether you have religious beliefs about creationism – for example that God created the earth and everything upon it, or whether your beliefs are more scientific – such as the big bang theory and evolution, the one thing in common that few would deny is that there is an order to everything around us.  Take for instance the fact that an acorn always knows to grow into an oak tree as opposed to a gum (eucalyptus) or a fern.

The Major Premise recognises that there is a grand scheme to which everything seems to pay heed.  Chiropractic calls this ‘Universal Intelligence’.  It seems a pretty apt name when you think about it – an organisational intelligence which permeates the universe creating order.

I don’t want to simplify The Major Premise too much as there are many who would be better served to explain it in greater detail than what I am able to, after all I have only just finished my first year of college, but I also want to talk about it in terms which make sense as so much that I have read about Chiropractic Philosophy can get really heavy.  So I invite you my wonderful readers to further contribute to my personal definition of The Major Premise in the comment section below.  Lets get a good old philosophical discussion happening here.

What does The Major Premise mean to you?

If you are under Chiropractic Care or are new to Chiropractic have you heard about The Major Premise before?

Either way what are your thoughts on it and Universal Intelligence?

As always I look forward to your feedback.

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One Response to Philosophical Principal #1

  1. Linda says:

    I think that’s a universal principle that could be applied to many spheres of life. When I go for chiropractic treatment it’s a quick in and out. We don’ talk about the philosophy so it’s good to get some background.

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