Coconut – Not Such a Hard Nut to Crack

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I was really excited to find coconuts in the supermarket the other day.  I don’t remember if I have seen them in the supermarkets back home but they are fairly common in the supermarkets here in NZ.  After my post on all things coconut oil I have been thinking that coconut water, with all it’s health benefits, and the actual coconut flesh itself would be a great addition to my smoothy regime.

Coconuts can be a little daunting when first approached, if you are like me you have absolutely no idea about how to open it – well after a little research, thanks to google, I discovered that it is pretty simple;

1. Find something sharp like a clean screwdriver – it has to be pointy.

2. Poke each of the three ‘eye’s’ of the coconut until you find the soft one

3. Push the screwdriver into the ‘eye’ until you reach the inner hollow – this is surprisingly easy.

4. Invert coconut to drain out the water.  You can drink it now or add it to the smoothy

5. Wrap the coconut in a towel and hit with a hammer.  I have seen the back of a cleaver used instead of the hammer but that just looks scarey!

6. The coconut will split open.  Break into smaller pieces with the hammer.

7. Use a knife to separate the outer shell from the inner pulp.  You need to sort of lever it out in chunks.

8. Use a vegetable peeler to remove the pulp outer coating.

There you have it – easier than you think.

My Coconut Smoothie Recipe

1/4 coconut – pulp

1 banana

1 teaspoon of cacoa nibs

Coconut water

Mint (optional extra)

Blend it all together adding water or milk or soy/almond milk to get to the desired consistancy.  The coconut pulp is pretty thick so you don’t need much.  Garnish with some mint leaves for a touch of the exotic.


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