Succeeding at Life’s Challenges


Wow, I can hardly believe it, a whole year of chiropractic college is over. We wrapped up classes last week and are currently on our study break which is followed by two weeks of exams. Looking back over the year it seems to have been a long time ago since walking into the college on orientation and meeting my class for the first time, and yet it has gone so quickly.
My big focus for now is of course the exams next week and so I thought I would look into my plans for a successful study week. We are away the weekend before the exams start so I have to make sure I am really organised as our first exam is the day after we come back.
So my plans for success;

1. Have a plan – a timetable so that I know I am covering all material I need to
2. Plan to have breaks – I really am not good at sitting still for too long so it is important for me to know when I can stop
3. Plan to have rewards or something enjoyable to do during breaks – an incentive to keep going. I’m thinking chocolate over gummy bears though.
4. Break frequently – don’t expect to sit for hours on end, get up and stretch often. Our bodies we designed to move!
5. Schedule in time for yoga and meditation and other forms of exercise

Looks like its all about planning huh?
I know that I am great when it comes to planning but not always on following my own advise so it will be interesting to see how it works, I’ll let you know.
What are your tips and strategies for study?
What are your current challenges and how are you planning on approaching them?

Have a great week!

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