You can have everything you want, just not all at once…


This is a quote that seems to be stuck in my head a the moment. It’s funny, sometimes you get so stuck in the “when _____ happens then I will be happy/ fulfilled/” fill in the requisite emotion. This seems to happen quite a lot for me. I am quite a goals person, I always feel the need to have something on the horizon to plan towards. I tend to get lost in the detail which doesn’t usually inspire me. I guess this is good for getting things achieved but maybe not so good for just letting go and enjoying the moment. Today I was enjoying the fact that we live in a large house and there is so much room to enjoy that we never feel cooped up. We have lovely views out to the surrounding countryside and a great outdoor deck to enjoy the coming summer on and yet I know that this will pass one day. In fact I have often thought that the bedroom we have now is so huge it may be the biggest bedroom we ever have and it’s in a house we don’t actually own. It’s kind of a weird thought for someone who is always thinking that there is something bigger and better in the future, but how much bigger and better can things continue to get? There must be a thresh hold.
When we finish up here in New Zealand we would like to go the the UK again for a while and I know for a fact that we won’t be living in a house as big as the one we are lucky enough to live in now, but I do know that we will be in a much better financial position as I will have completed college and be living my life’s purpose and manifesting a comfortable income from it. Here is where the “not all at once” part comes into play. I think every stage of life has some really awesome parts to it and also some parts that are not quite as awesome as they have been in the past or will some day be awesome again in the future. The key really is to enjoying the best parts of the moment. This is not always easy as I think part of our brains, the part some call the ego, is addicted to problem solving and likes to point out all the things which need some work done on them. When this voice is louder than the ‘I’m content with the status quo’ voice things get dramatic.
I’m not really sure what is the best way to silence or at least quieten the ego especially when it’s doing a major fear campaign but I am pretty sure it is a big part of finding your bliss. I guess the biggest one is gratitude. If you can find something to be grateful for in each moment you are focusing on the best part of that moment and making the most of it, thankful for what may not be there in the next moment. Knowing the universe has you back is also a good one, even though this one takes a bit of a leap of faith at times. The last one I can come up with is letting go. If you are a control freak like me this is probably the hardest of all. You probably tend to think that if you aren’t looking after your stuff then who is huh? All I know is that sometimes the universe really surprises you in ways that you could never have conceived even if you were in charge, and this is where the magic and mystery exist.
So I have probably written this post mainly for myself as I was doing some major fear and anxiety around a perceived lack drama half an hour ago but I hope that it has been of value to you as well. If I have done anything to help prevent or deal with feelings of discontent, then it has totally been worth while.
Thanks for listening. I would love to hear your views or feedback on what techniques you use when the ego runs amok.

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2 Responses to You can have everything you want, just not all at once…

  1. Teri Karl says:

    I completely agree with you. I think finding something to be grateful for in each moment helps focus us in the present and can help us tune out the worries of the future.

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