Limitations of Matter


Maybe it’s a sign of our age but the other day I heard a friend make what I thought was an unusual comment. We were out at lunch amongst a large group, some of which were proclaiming how they weren’t as physically able to do what they used to, when this friend stated, “bodies suck!”
While this is probably a natural conclusion to the fact that bodies seem to pick the most in opportune moment to not do what we want, I would like to pose another view. I think what we do to our bodies is what “sucks”
Take for instance a day in the modern life of these organic structures;
We wake on a bed soaked in chemical flame retardants and wrapped in sheets synthethically created and chemically dyed probably from an alarm which disturbs our desire to sleep longer
We shower and apply a collection of synthetic substances in the form of soaps, body washes, cleansers, toners, moisturisers, make up, deodorants, antiperspirants, body lotions, perfumes and aftershaves and makeup
We put on clothes with similar toxicity to the bed and sheets
Go and forage for food in our fridge/ cupboards, a highly plastic environment
For food which has been processed, synthesised, preserved and chemically coloured and flavoured
We probably will engage in some kind of activity with a computer, tablet or mobile/ chord less phone in an environment with wireless Internet exposing ourselves to a barrage or electromagnetic radiation
We may go somewhere in our cars or on public transport again subjecting ourselves to chemical pollution mainly in the form of exhaust fumes from vehicles
We will possibly spend the majority of our day sitting in the one position instead of moving about like our bodies were designed to do, in an artificially lit environment with artificially filtered air
We will continue to add substances to our bodies throughout the day in the form of less than healthy foods and substances to make us stay awake and alert such as caffeinated drinks, and possibly smoke cigarettes.
Sometimes we will work late and ignore our inner urgings to connect with family and friends and have some down time and instead find ourselves too tired to create a healthy meal.
We turn to something quick and microwaveable and blob in front of the television barraging our minds with shows about crime and sickness or allow ourselves to be drawn into an endless list of crises
WOW! What a day, and what a lot of stress that we put upon ourselves without even realising it. So much of the stressors of modern day life are unavoidable and sometimes it is a vicious cycle, but I think it is no wonder that our bodies soon show the effects of such lifestyles. In fact I think our bodies cope remarkably well with what we expect out of them sometimes. This is why I am so passionate about chiropractic – it helps put our bodies into the best place possible so that they can cope and thrive on the lifestyles we choose to live.
There are so many things you can do to reduce the stressors in you life and the Internet is full of advice on how to eat healthier, get enough excise, balance life, live chemically free.

What do you do for your body to keep it healthy?

For more information check out the DVD “The Disappearing Male” which looks at just how toxic our living environments can be and how they are affecting the male birth rate and fertility levels.
Also check out my blog on the movie here.

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