What do you do?

We already know that we don’t use 100% of our brains capacity. The same is true for our body. I am sure like most people that you have experienced wanting to be able to get more out of life, whether it is just having the stamina to keep up with a young family, perform well in your chosen career, have the time to catch up with family and friends, or to perform better at your chosen sport. The thing is that most people don’t realise there is a way that they can optimise their body’s functioning and performance.

The body is amazing, it does so many different things that we don’t even have to think about. Take for instance breathing. You have been doing that since the day you were born and yet I’ll bet you haven’t been aware of it every moment of your life. The only times that you think about your breathing is when you don’t seem to be able to do it quickly enough. It’s the same with your health. Most people cruise along and don’t think too much about it until they are faced with a health challenge, it may be the common cold or something more chronic such as heart disease. This is where regular chiropractic care comes in. Most people think that chiropractic is all about people with bad backs getting “cracked” but it is so much more. Chiropractic deals with the body’s central nervous system which is the communication pathway between your brain and the rest of your body. Like any communication system (think internet connection) it is susceptible to interference, I like to think about these interferences the same as downgrading from broadband Internet to dial up. The messages the network is trying to get through are so much slower. This is exactly what  happen in your body but we become conditioned to the subtle changes and don’t notice them. Our body compensates and we get on with life. Why is it so important to get rid of these interferences I hear you ask? Surely if we don’t notice it doesn’t really matter right? I think what most people don’t realise is how much we rely upon our nervous systems for life. Because we don’t really see it,we don’t think too much about it and yet, if you didn’t have a central nervous system you would never have been able to see, touch, taste, smell or hear anything, in short your entire life experience would boil down to nothing. Not only this but your body would not receive the input it needs to work. Your organs wouldn’t function and your muscles wouldn’t be able to move, there would be no system for them to receive the information they need to do what they have to. So not only is it important to ensure your nervous system is free from interference but it also ensures that your body’s ability to heal itself is working at its maximum potential. Too often when we have health challenges we see the body as being frail and needing some input from outside to ‘fix’ it. The body is quite amazing though and given the right conditions can heal itself. Being adjusted by a chiropractor deals with interruptions along this communication pathway.

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