When Your Inner Child Rebels


Do you ever have those days when you have so much to do and yet no matter how hard you ‘try’ nothing ever seems to get done?

It takes me a while to admit to it but usually this is a sign for me that I just need to go with the flow and have a day of ‘Extreme Self Care

At the moment my ‘should’ list is fairly comprehensive.  With exams and assignments over the next two weeks, my mid semester break is more about catch up than chill out!  Usually when this happens I have a heap that I want to achieve and a plan of attack on how to go about it.  I allocate time to each of the tasks at hand and aim to stick to it.  The first sign of the plan not going the way I want is when I start one task and seem to get nowhere with it and so swap to another, and then another with an end result of having gotten nowhere with any of them.  At this point I finally realise that I need to do something for me.

Some of my ideas for taking time out on these days are;

  1. Create a vision board and/or review goals.  Sometimes we get ‘stuck’ when we can’t see the big picture of what it is we are working towards.
  2. Watch a movie.  Taking your mind off what is going on for you is one of my favourite ways of letting go and allowing my subconscious to mull over my life.
  3. Indulge in a home spa treatment.  This can be anything from a luxurious bubble bath, to giving yourself a DIY facial.
  4. Do some journalling.  I always find it helpful to do some writing to get all the thoughts and ideas in my head in some kind of order.
  5. Get outside.  Going for a walk also helps me gain a new perspective on things and detach from the continuous loop that my thoughts sometimes do.

So there you have it – permission to have the day off.  It might be just what you needed.

Have you experienced your inner child rebelling?

What do you do when this happens?

I love reading your responses so feel free to share a comment below.  Have a great day off 🙂


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2 Responses to When Your Inner Child Rebels

  1. When my inner child gets fed up with too much adult-ness, I play in the dirt, finger paint, and play with oven-bake clay. 🙂

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