One Day Holiday!

Travel Guides

Travel Guides (Photo credit: Vanessa (EY))

Sometimes life can be a bit hectic that we lose sight of the important things such as taking time out to smell the roses. I think this is one of the reasons I like traveling so much. It puts you in a different place from where you normally live and function and makes you stop, look around and see what’s going on around you. Sometimes it might be that things are so different wherever you travel to that you can’t help but notice, and sometimes it is uncanny at how similar other countries and cultures can be to what you are used to. We really love traveling overseas but with our busy work and study schedule we are not really sure when the next opportunity for this will be so we are making the most of living in a different country instead. While culturally New Zealand is quite similar to Australia, the landscape is vastly different. Australia has ancient mountains and vistas while New Zealand is one of the worlds youngest countries and with a lot of thermal areas is still actively growing! Making the most of living in New Zealand but within our time constraints we like to travel as much as we can on simple day trips. Some times we go for a couple of hours and sometimes the whole day. It always amazes me how much ground you can cover in relatively small amounts of time. Today we visited the west coast town of Port Waikato which was great. It lies at the mouth of the Waikato river which is the biggest in the country and was an important port town for shipping trade which plied the river. Now it is a small seaside town with lots of holiday batches. The beach has amazing black sand and is a good spot for a bit of surfing, and many other beach activities.

Taking this time out is so important and with such busy lives it is easy to forget sometimes. Time out has always been a high priority for me and I always have the next holiday planned (sometimes even while still on the last one!)

This next week is a busy one for me, with an anatomy exam today and technique exam tomorrow and a couple of assignments due by Friday, I am looking forward to our one week break next week to catch up on the other subjects.

What are some things you do to take time out?
Is travel an important part of disconnecting for you?
Where is your favorite place to make a quick escape to?

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