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Today I would like to look at the art of manifesting!

What exactly is manifesting? Constantly in life we are attracting to us that which we focus on and repelling that which we don’t. So right now you might be thinking ‘Wow, that’s amazing! So many of my friends have been talking about manifesting lately and here is this brilliant blog about it.’ This is a sure sign that you are becoming interested in manifesting!

I have found that I have had a brilliant time of manifesting into my life since our move to New Zealand. Having let go of so much of our ‘stuff’ back in Australia I have opened the channels to receiving. A few examples have been:

Upon arriving in NZ we manifested a wonderful space to stay with family which was dog friendly, as the boys arrived on the same flight as I did

By staying with family we were able to spend some much desired time with our little neice and nephew before they moved to the other end of the country!

We manifested a great car to buy which was in excellent condition with very low milage

Through friends we found an awesome dog friendly house to rent out in the country (which bares an uncanny resemblance to our much loved home town in Australia!)

Other family members had moved into a new house which was too small for all their furniture and have given to us for as long as we wish to have it all the furniture we needed, without the hassle of having to on sell again when we move on!

The list is endless!

The problem is that the reverse is also true. You can manifest things that you don’t really want in your life. By focusing on lack and misfortune you subconciously attract lack and misfortune into your life.

What have you been focusing on lately? How has it manifested itself in your life? Are you focusing on what you want?

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