Is health all in the head?

We are studying so many interesting subjects at college at the moment one of which is psychology. I have never really gotten into psychology, it was the fashionable subjects to study while I was at school and so I decided to do something different.
Studying psychology at college is helping us gain a greater awareness of where people are coming from when they come in to see us as graduated chiropractors. The funny thing is that one of the most stand out points for me so far is that people don’t act in the same way to the same stimulus. Makes sense right? All 11 billion of us on the planet at the moment are different, why would we think and act in the same way? But I am willing to bet that at some time in our lives we have all assumed that people would act in a certain way in a certain situation, the same as we would, or think the same way as we would which really, when you think about it is kind of crazy, huh?
The same can be said for health. Last week in class we were looking at the different health perceptions, which again I didn’t realize that people can act so differently in regards to their health. For one person the common cold is no big deal but to another it is a “full blown flu” and they will be in bed for a week. We also have perceptions around susceptibility to health challenges. Some people will think that they have a strong immune system and nothing much bothers them, but others believe that their family has always had health issues and they are always the first to catch anything which is “going around at the moment”.
So I think the way you see health has a huge impact on your health outcomes. I was fortunate enough to grow up in a family where health was important. We lived in the country and always played outside, I don’t ever remember a day when we were allowed to watch tv during the day and we didn’t have computer/video games then. We ate a healthy diet, things such as lemonade (soda) were a treat, not a daily requirement and our parents never talked to us in illness dialogues. We were the kids who, if we weren’t feeling quite right, were sent to school anyway as we would probably feel better by recess – which we usually did. As an adult I rarely have missed a day of work in the 20 years I have been in the workforce and when I do feel a little under the weather I listen to my body and rest, drink plenty of water, eat healthily and make sure I get an adjustment to help my body be in its best state to do what it need to do to heal itself.
So maybe I am lucky that I was brought up in a healthy family but maybe it is because I was taught a positive way of thinking about my health, I may never know.

It is important to mention that I am not suggesting that we take a flippant view of our health situation but more am talking about our views and beliefs of our bodies ability to heal.  The mind body connection truly is an amazing thing.  I am constantly inspired by Jess at the Wellness Warrior and her story of how she is continuing to heal her body of cancer.

What are your health beliefs?
Do you think that you are a generally healthy person or do you tend to believe that you will get at least one cold a year?
Do you get adjusted to help your body to heal naturally?

Image from here Healthy-Mind.jpg

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