Where have all the men gone?

Ever found yourself thinking that there just aren’t that many decent guys out there anymore?
Well some scientists have actually shown evidence that the male population is in fact declining.

As future health care professionals, we are currently showing a series of health related movies at college through the WCCS World Congress of Chiropractic Students, one of which has been “The Dissappearing Male.”

Scientist have noticed a decrease in the male population and have been looking for answers. As the documentary shows they have come to the conclusion that there are certain chemicals contained within plastics which have lead to the continual decrease in young men’s sperm count to alarmingly low rates. There has also been an increase in the number of male babies which have died at birth and an increase in male genital defects and testicular cancer.

The chemicals which are seen to be responsible for these changes are in everything around us such as shampoos and even meat presumably in the form of preservative. You just have to look at modern life to see how much we rely upon plastic for nearly every aspect of our lives. Getting up in the morning you probably have an alarm clock with some form of plastic in it, there is a good chance that your bed sheets are made from synthetic fibers, most certainly your bed is as it has to meet safely regulations for flammability. You put on some clothes made with more synthetic fibers and go get some breakfast. The fridge is probably lined with some plastic, and the milk and cereal you are about to eat is wrapped in plastic, the kettle you boil your water in and the toothbrush you clean your teeth with – what about the soap, makeup, moisturizers, aftershave, perfume, all most probably have synthetic fragrance. Then you get into the car more plastic, to go to work where nearly everything you touch is plastic! Crazy huh? Even crazier is there are not easy answers as to how to live without plastics. Scientists say that some of the toxins build up in our bodies which are unable to excrete them so even if we could rid our lives of plastics future generations would still be affected.
Here is the documentary if you would like to watch it. It runs for 44min and worth the watch.

Has plastic consumption been something you’ve thought about before?
What do you do or could you do to reduce your plastic consumption?

I don’t use plastic wrap, however I do use plastic containers so I will have to look at some alternatives.  Also I use glass bottles to carry my water, and use cloth bags for groceries.  I will definitely be looking for more ways to reduce my plastic consumption.

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