How Does Your Garden Grow?

Most chiropractors and other health care professionals will tell you that a healthy diet is one of the best things you can do for a healthy body and with that in mind we started a vegi patch not long after we moved into our house.  Apart from health there were a few other motivating factors, one being that I miss our organic produce shop back home – The Natural Foodstore at Forest Glen and haven’t yet managed to find a suitable replacement, and another because there was a vegi patch just waiting for us to plant something in it.  I must admit here, even though I have a back ground in horticulture, I don’t see myself as much of a gardener.  There is far too much maintenance for my liking such as weed pulling.  Yes I know that it’s all very Zen to do these sorts of things but if you have read my about page you will know how little inspiration I find in weeding.

So we thought we would put in some broccoli, lettuce, cauliflower, silver beet, bok choy and kale.  Most of these items were about to be in season at the time so it made sense to choose these varieties as they would be the best suited to the growing conditions.  The kale didn’t really seem to do much but I bought it to put into my super green smoothies as inspired by the wellness warrior.  I may just have been pruning it faster than it could grow though.  The most exciting thing – well actually there are two, is that we found some interesting varieties of cauliflower some which are really yellow (quite a bit more yellow than the photo below looks) and some which are purple and green!  We picked the yellow one the other day and it looks like it is a favourite with the slugs and snails as well.  We managed to save most of it fortunately and it was pretty good.  On my many expeditions out to the vegi patch to check out our yellow cauliflower I managed to miss the well camouflaged brocolli that was growing right next door (picture at the top of this blog).  It was humungus and not a sign of a bug in sight.  I steamed it to perfection and it was divine.  The humble broccoli is one of my favourites as it goes so well in anything.

Other things I am enjoying from our garden at the moment is fresh mint tea, there is nothing quite like it for flavour and freshness.  We are also having lots of hot lemon drinks as we have an abundance of lemons, our lime tree seems to be stopping growing fruit now though – lime was a really great zesty flavour for the green smoothies.   We are also getting heaps of Bok Choy which have gone into one of our favourite dished Pad Thai and the lettuce is doing pretty well too.

I have been trying to talk Neal into digging up some of our huge lawn to extend our vegi patch but we haven’t gotten around to it yet, which is probably just as well as it would need even more maintenance to keep it weeded and school and my new job as a chiropractic assistant is keeping me pretty busy as it is.  It looks like I might finally get my spare tyres to plant kumera in though as my car is about to go in for a new set of shoes, so that will be the next experiment.

What is growing in your garden?

Do you grow vegetables and what do you find the best to grow?

Need inspiration or help – check out my favourite organic gardening site for some great free tips.

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  1. vacantpages says:

    Hi there, thanks for taking the time to visit my blog Vacant Pages and choosing to like a post, much appreciated. At the moment we have lots of red currents, black currents and raspberries growing, the rhubarb has not done as well this year. Freezing the fruit to make jam later in the year. Cool site by the way.

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