Back to School – What’s in store for Semester 2?

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While it has been great to have three weeks off to rest and relax after hitting the books hard for first semester I think I am getting to that point where I am excited to start Semester 2!

This semester we are doing another 8 subjects so there is a lot going on and heaps to keep track of but loving what you do definitely helps you keep on track.  The subjects we are doing this time round are;

Anatomy –  Last semester we focused on the spine and pelvis in great detail along with muscles of the neck and back and some abdomen, so i imagine that we will be going into greater detail and probably focusing on the limbs and skull.

Upper Cervical Technique – I think this is going to be really interesting as I don’t know much about this technique, upper cervical refers to the top vertebra in the neck and how it relates to the base of the skull – I still have heaps to learn about it and most of all I need to master the ‘toggle’ adjustment which is required for this technique!

Philosophy – I love philosophy and I love that chiropractic has it’s own philosophy, in fact it has 33 principles which I will discuss in future posts.  I think the thing about chiropractic philosophy that resonates with me most is that the human body is capable of healing itself –  a physical law which governs us that we are unable to reproduce or totally control – the mysteries of life!

Professional Practice – this is what we study in regards to legislation and safe practices within the laws of New Zealand.

Psychology – I think this will be a really interesting subject and one that I have never really looked into before so am eagerly awaiting finding out what areas we will be covering!

Radiographic Physics – here is where I believe the physics that we studied for entrance to college will come in to play!  I really enjoyed physics and wish I was better at it, I think the fact our teacher was a little on the ‘mad scientist’ side of things helped.  Already we have our notes for this subject with instructions to memorise them all so I am thinking there might be a mad scientist over here too!  I hope we start looking at xrays as they fascinate me.  The trained eye can read the story that they tell which I one day hope to be really good at!

Neuroscience – the ‘potentially hard subject’ bells are going off here!  I think it should be interesting though, hopefully all those cranial nerves that we had to memorise in the prerequisite anatomy will help here somewhat!

Diversified Technique – Again I don’t know too much about this technique as I hadn’t come across it until starting college and I have not seen much of it done but I get the feeling that I am going to like it!

So there you have it – the focus of my life for the next 16 weeks – yes our semesters are sixteen weeks long.  A lot of people don’t realise how much is involved in studying to become a chiropractor but it is very intense!  Hope that has shed a little light on what chiro student life in first year is like for anyone of you who are thinking of taking on the challenge.

What challenges are ahead for you over the next six months?  What is the universe urging you to step up to the plate for?

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