What is it about Coconut Oil?

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Everywhere I look in the past week or two I keep seeing coconut oil – what’s all the fuss about?

I first heard about coconut oil some time ago and like many things in life – when the student is ready the teacher appears.  I decided to look into coconut oil to use in cooking. The reason behind this was mainly because of it’s ability to be heated to high temperatures and not oxidise or turn rancid like most of the other oils we traditionally use for cooking. I was a little concerned at first that it may detract from the flavour of what I was cooking but so far it hasn’t.  It is a lot more subtle in flavour than I thought it would be.  One of the most unexpected surprises was cooking popcorn with coconut oil which we did last night on the suggestion of Jess at the Wellness Warrior – here is her recipe.  It was amazing!  Next on the list is her version of chips 🙂

I also heard that coconut oil has many other properties such as a moisturiser for the skin.  I have used it on my face for almost a week now and it makes my skin feel really soft, with no oiliness.  This is surprising as you think that adding oil to your skin would make it greasy, especially if you have combination skin like me!

I have come across a list of no less than 160 uses for coconut oil which you can read here. Ranging from insect bites to hair conditioner and lip balm, it seems there are ever increasing uses for coconut oil.  While I can’t vouch for all of them I will definitely be experimenting with some of them!

Have you tried coconut oil yet?  What do you use it for?

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One Response to What is it about Coconut Oil?

  1. I like using pure, virgin coconut oil for a nice, nongreasy body moisturizer that also emits a nice scent upon application. Coconut oil is good to apply for sun protection as well. Lastly, it’s great for cooking!

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