Apps I’m Addicted to at the moment – Yoga!

As part of a healthy lifestyle any Chiropractor will tell you it’s not just about getting regular chiropractic care and eating well!  A healthy life needs to incorporate different forms of movement, whether you are into extreme fitness or take a more relaxed view working out is beneficial because it helps develop strong bones.  As our bodies are constantly changing and adapting to our demands, our bone structure is constantly remodelling.  If we exercise our body gets the message that we are active and require strong bones to support and attach the muscles that we are using.  The reverse is also true!  If we are couch potatoes our bodies get the message that we are relatively inactive and don’t need a strong bone structure and so the minerals from them are put to ‘better’ use elsewhere in the body.  Sounds like one very good reason to exercise to me.  So the saying ‘Use it or lose it’ is in fact spot on.

One of my favourite ways of exercising is yoga and I have found this brilliant app for my iPad.  It is called All-in Yoga.  The reason I like it is that it comes with many pre-programmed routines which you can tailor to your own requirements with parameters such as age and goals.  You can also make your own routines from over 200 poses within the app and it has lots of yoga breathing exercises.  There are four levels of difficulty that you can choose from, beginner to guru, and you can subscribe to the app to get updated on new routines along with articles on different aspects of yoga.  Best of all for me is that it has a calendar which shows you which days you have practiced and for each day it gives you a different wise quote – reason to have you coming back for more!  See a video of it here.

From a philosophical point of view yoga and chiropractic go hand in hand.  Both work on increasing movement and flexibility within the body.  Why is this so important?  Having a flexible body means having a flexible mind.  The more flexible you are the better you are equipped to cope with challenges and change that life invariably presents you with, and the better able you are go with the flow.

Here’s something to ponder.  Become aware of your environment over the next week and observe that within it which is flexible and that which is not.  See if you can tell which is more open to life and which isn’t.  I’d love to hear what you have discovered so feel free to post your observations below or if you’d like to, share your favourite activity that gets you up and moving!

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