You’ll Go Nuts Over Soap Nuts!!!

Soapy solution made from Sapindus saponaria fr...

Soapy solution made from Sapindus saponaria fruits. They were soaked for a few days and then squeezed. This isn’t the usual/traditional way of making such soap.. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The process of living a healthier life has made me look at the different chemicals and related products we use around the house. I find it a bit crazy the way you walk down the cleaning product isle in the supermarket and you’re bombarded with the smell of the products. How strong must they be to escape the plastic bottles they live in? Anyway I came across a thing called a soap nut. Soap nuts grow on the Sapindus sp. tree in the Himalayas. It is their outer coating which contains the surfactant which breaks down dirt and grime and makes soapy bubbles! You can get either the nuts themselves, which are whole, or a powder made from ground up nuts. What ever form you get, place it in a small bag that comes with the soap nuts and put it in with the wash. The packet even has directions for use in the dishwasher and to wash your hair! So far it seems to work a treat and the best thing is that the residue from the powder (which stays inside the bag) can be tipped into the compost.

For the nearest stockist in New Zealand visit or Australia visit

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One Response to You’ll Go Nuts Over Soap Nuts!!!

  1. Sheen says:

    Thank you for mentioning my company in your post, Meaghan! I love our soap nuts and hope everyone will begin using them soon. Our planet loves them too. ❤

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