A New Way to Look at the Common Cold!

Echinacea purpurea 'Maxima'

Echinacea purpurea ‘Maxima’ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A New Way to Look at the Common Cold!
Ever wondered why some people seem to catch colds easily and some people just don’t? The funny thing is that if you ask most people they believe that by being within sneezing distance of someone with a cold ensures that they will catch one themselves! Crazy huh? It kind of seems a backwards way of looking at health to me. The thing is, if you are run down or exhausted you are more likely to catch a cold than if you are healthy.
So what’s so bad about colds anyway?
Probably a silly question to most people as you usually feel rather rubbish while you have one but here’s something you may not have heard. Colds are natures way of giving you a spring clean! Many a times I have heard one of my chiropractors telling parents to watch for some growth changes within their “sick” child after the cold has passed. Sure enough on the next visit the parent will report that the child has learnt something new such as walking or talking in the very young, or a growth spurt in older children. This amazing growth is not just for children however. Although as adults we may like to say we have everything under control and know it all, the fact is we don’t! It might not be quite as obvious but we are constantly learning and evolving even if we are somewhat reluctant. So I challenge you, next time you have a cold, see what areas of your life you are stuck in and what needs a new perspective, and then pay attention to what happens as your body experiences its “health expression”, notice what you learn, what changes you take on board and what insights life offers you and if you would like to help speed things on their way, why not have a physical clean out of other areas of your life such as your house, your job or anything else that you perceive isn’t working. Most of all help your immune system by getting an adjustment, look after yourself and give yourself permission to take time out! Happy sneezing season everyone 🙂

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2 Responses to A New Way to Look at the Common Cold!

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  2. What a fantastic post, thank you and congratulations for choosing to study Chiropractic! The world needs more chiropractors. 🙂

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